Pariphoom Flex

Download demo version

This is a demo version which does not allow for commercial use and excludes some characters.

Purchase a font license

If you wish to use the font for commercial purposes, please purchase a font license before.




Unicode / Language Support

Thai / Basic Latin / Western European / Central European / South Eastern European / South American / Esperanto / Sámi / Vietnamese


Desktop License : TTF-VF*
Web License : WOFF-VF*

*Ensure that your graphic software supports variable fonts.



Introducing Pariphoom Flex, the variable font for all your design needs! This font is the combination of Pariphoom and Pariphoom Compressed, merged into a single file to create a unique, versatile typeface. Pariphoom Flex offers endless possibilities for typography. It is perfect for designing logos, headings, titles, posters, and any other design project that requires a standout font. Pariphoom Flex offers three axes - weight, width, and slant - giving you complete control over the font's appearance. Adjust the weight to create a bold or light version of the font, change the width to create a condensed or compressed version, or play around with the slant to add a touch of personality. The font's flexibility is further enhanced by its variable capabilities, which allow you to adjust each axis smoothly and seamlessly. Saving you time and simplifying your design process. Pariphoom Flex is a must-have font for any designer looking for a versatile and unique typeface. Try it out today.

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