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This is a demo version which does not allow for commercial use and excludes some characters.

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If you wish to use the font for commercial purposes, please purchase a font license before.



Thin / ExtraLight / Light / Regular / Medium / SemiBold / Bold / ExtraBold / Black / Thin Italic / ExtraLight Italic / Light Italic / Italic / Medium Italic / SemiBold Italic / Bold Italic / ExtraBold Italic / Black Italic (18 Styles)

Unicode / Language Support

Thai / Basic Latin / Western European / Central European / South Eastern European / South American / Esperanto / Sámi / Vietnamese


Desktop License : OTF / TTF-VF*
Web License : WOFF / WOFF-VF*

*The software you use must support variable font, the variable font version available only for family pack.



Introducing Yanyont, a versatile and futuristic sans-serif typeface that is perfect for the automotive industry. With its flat baseline and x-height, Yanyont has a sleek and technical look that is sure to catch the eye. The typeface is designed with a sci-fi futuristic look that adds a high-tech edge to any project. Yanyont offers 9 weight options in both upright and italic styles, for a total of 18 unique styles to choose from. This provides a wide range of options for creating a cohesive look across all your branding materials, from brochures and posters to websites and advertising campaigns. Additionally, Yanyont supports multiple languages and come with opentype features such as small cap or tabular. This typeface is perfect for companies with international reach. Give your automotive brand a cutting-edge look with Yanyont.

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