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This is a demo version which does not allow for commercial use and excludes some characters.

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Regular / Italic (2 Styles)


Desktop License : OTF
Web License : WOFF / WOFF2



Yunyun, a bold, rounded, and fun display font that is perfect for about teenagers project, with thick strokes and smooth, curved lines, this font conveys a sense of warmth and approachability. This font is perfect for branding, advertising, and marketing materials targeting teenagers. One of the best features of Yunyun is that it supports multiple languages, making it perfect for use in global projects. It also includes many OpenType features such as Small Caps, this feature will add more variations design to your project. Yunyun's design is also perfect for creating eye-catching and attention-grabbing headlines, posters, flyers, and packaging designs. This font is also suitable for more artistic and creative projects like book covers, album covers, and more. Whether you're a designer, a marketer, or just someone looking for a fun, teenager-friendly font, Yunyun is an excellent choice.

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