Thawilak Slab

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This is a demo version which does not allow for commercial use and excludes some characters.

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Thin / ExtraLight / Light / Regular / Medium / SemiBold / Bold / ExtraBold / Black / Thin Italic / ExtraLight Italic / Light Italic / Italic / Medium Italic / SemiBold Italic / Bold Italic / ExtraBold Italic / Black Italic (18 Styles)

Unicode / Language Support

Thai / Basic Latin / Western European / Central European / South Eastern European / South American / Esperanto / Sámi / Vietnamese


Desktop License : OTF / TTF-VF*
Web License : WOFF / WOFF-VF*

*The software you use must support variable font, the variable font version available only for family pack.



Introducing "Thawilack Slab," a captivating slab serif font that exudes strength and stability. Thawilack Slab boasts a wide and sturdy shape, radiating strength and stability. Its low contrast creates a harmonious flow between the thick and thin strokes, resulting in a visually pleasing and easily readable typeface. With its commanding presence, Thawilack Slab is perfect for projects that require a bold and confident touch. Whether used for headlines, or branding materials, Thawilack Slab leaves a lasting impression. Its strong and stable appearance captures attention. This font is a versatile choice that adapts seamlessly to various design contexts, making it an excellent companion for both print and digital media.

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